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A Way With Me

20 August
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I'm 23. I live with my husband, Jeremy in the west end of Toronto. I also live with his 23 year old cat. And a growing baby in my tummy who plans on making an appearance in June. I am not a morning person and am usually most tardy in the a.m. I just work as a temp at the moment. I seem to know a lot of people but I don't see them often. I love listening to a whole variety of music on my phone. I like to dance in my room and also in clubs. I plan on going to back to school but not sure what for. I'm also very nocturnal. I can be very blunt. I'm also pretty much laid back. I want to travel. Really far. Like Australia. And I want to go and do new things. I also wish that there were more than 24hrs in a day. I have international friends who I write to as much as I can and hope to meet them one day. I want to learn how to play the guitar and the piano. I want to take hip-hop, salsa and ballroom dance classes. I want to take some singing lessons to get to my former glory. That's the only thing I think back to when I was in high school. I like warm and flat pop. I like photography. Really just to be behind the camera. I prefer to be cold than warm. I like to cook. I'm open-minded, have a sense of humour, and I like to try things not once but twice. Also if it wasn't apparent, I like to ramble.

Add me if you have something interesting, funny, odd, grownup, or if you have something odd in common with me.